Sunday, 10 April 2011

Giraffes - Act One, Scene Three.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(Anna and Simon's house. Morning. Simon sits at the table.)

ANNA. You're up early.

SIMON. You're back late.


ANNA. Sleep well?

SIMON. I couldn't


SIMON. Did you?


SIMON. Sorry. Didn't mean anything. Would you like me to cook you breakfast?

ANNA. No. It's okay. I've still got time for a quick lie down.

SIMON. I'd like to cook you breakfast.


SIMON. Please.

ANNA. Okay then.

(She sits down. He gets up.)

ANNA. Thanks.

SIMON. I want to pamper you before you go. It'll put me in a good frame of mind.


SIMON. It's my morning off. I thought that I'd sort out that cupboard.

ANNA. Oh, I'll help with that, if you don't mind waiting 'til Saturday.

SIMON. It's alright. It's mostly my mess anyway.


ANNA. You look tired.

SIMON. I am.

ANNA. You should get some rest.

SIMON. I can't sleep during the day.


SIMON. You will be in tonight, won't you?

ANNA. Of course.

SIMON. What would you like for breakfast?

(He goes to the kitchen.)

ANNA. Oh. Not much. I'm not very hungry.


ANNA. Grapefruit perhaps.


ANNA. Poor Simon.

SIMON. (Off) What was that?

ANNA. Nothing.

* * *

ANNA. (Off) Oh well done. You did that cupboard.


ANNA. How long Did it take you?

SIMON. A couple of hours.

ANNA. Did you throw anything out?

SIMON. No. I put some stuff in the garage.


SIMON. So how was work?

ANNA. So so. Not much going on. How was yours?

SIMON. Good, actually.

ANNA. Yeah?

SIMON. Mm. Constructive lesson. Worked well.

ANNA. You work hard for those children.

SIMON. It's worth it sometimes.

(Anna yawns.)

SIMON. You're tired.


SIMON. So am I.

ANNA. Tired Simon.

SIMON. Tired Anna.


SIMON. Did you want that Indian stuff for dinner tonight?

ANNA. Okay.

SIMON. I'll go and put it on.

ANNA. I'll do it.

SIMON. No. You need a rest.

(He exits.)

ANNA. Simon?

SIMON. (Off) Yes?

ANNA. Come here.

(He returns.)

ANNA. Do you...

Are you...

I mean, would-

SIMON. Not now. I'm too tired for it. And so are you.

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