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Giraffes - Act One, Scene Five.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(Anna and Simon's house. Morning. Simon sits at the table.)

ANNA. Up early again.


ANNA. Couldn't sleep?

SIMON. Didn't try.


(Anna moves to leave.)

SIMON. I tidied up the other cupboard.

ANNA. I thought that we were going to do that together.


SIMON. Well, it's hardly a treat, now, is it?



SIMON. Let me make you breakfast.

ANNA. Do you really want -

SIMON. Of course I want to.

ANNA. Okay.

(Simon goes to the kitchen.)

SIMON. (Off) I hope that you're hungry.

ANNA. (Lying) Yes I am actually.


ANNA. Did that cupboard take all night?

SIMON. (Off) No. I got some work done too.


ANNA. What are you doing this morning?

SIMON. (Off) Might see if I can get some sleep.

ANNA. I thought that you couldn't sleep during the day?

SIMON. (Off) True.

(Simon returns.)

SIMON. But the difference is that I didn't try to get to sleep last night.


SIMON. I thought that might make a difference.

ANNA. I see.


SIMON. I thought that if I couldn't get too sleep I'd go to the shops, look at some bedspreads.

ANNA. I thought that we were going to do that together.

(Simon goes out.)

SIMON. (Off) Well, I won't buy anything. Just have a look.


SIMON. (Off) You were thinking about green, weren't you?

ANNA. (Not thinking) Yes yes.


SIMON. (Off) Bacon?

(Anna does not hear.)

SIMON. (Off) I said: Bacon?

(Anna still does not hear.)

* * *

ANNA. Did you see any bedspreads?

SIMON. A few.

ANNA. What were they like?

(Simon shows catalogues.)

ANNA. Too stripy. Too plain. Oh my God! I hope that you weren't thinking of -

SIMON. Let's have a look.

(He takes catalogue.)

SIMON. No! This one's for children.



ANNA. What did you get a childrens' catalogue for?

SIMON. I thought that you might find it funny.


ANNA. The things they make for children nowadays. You never had something like that, did you?

(Simon thinks)

SIMON. I had a duvet with cartoon tigers on it.

ANNA. Well that's fair enough. That's normal. Not like that.


SIMON} Can I see her?
ANNA } Did it come from Frosties?

SIMON} Pardon?
ANNA } Sorry?

SIMON. Nothing.

ANNA. It sounded like something.

SIMON. It wasn't anything important.


SIMON. Sorry. What were you saying?

ANNA. Did it come from Kellog's Frosties?

SIMON. Yes. That's right. It did.


SIMON. No. It was something important, actually.

ANNA. I used to have a Snap, Crackle & Pop one.

SIMON. Can I see her?

ANNA. Yes.

SIMON. When?

ANNA. Not yet.


ANNA. Not until you're both ready.


SIMON. I do want to see her.

ANNA. Why?


SIMON. I could deal with it better if I knew what she was like.

ANNA. Would you like to see a photo?



SIMON. Well... Yes, actually. But you understand what I mean?

ANNA. Yes.

SIMON. Have you got one?


SIMON. A photo.



ANNA. I promise that I'm not... hiding you two from each other. Because I'm not ashamed. I'm proud. Of both of you. And I will introduce you.

SIMON. When?

ANNA. When life is calmer.

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