Sunday, 24 April 2011

Roxy Music - Angel Eyes (1979/ No. 4/ 11 weeks/ Polydor)

Angel eyes
Am I deceived
or did you sigh?
For all I know
You let your love light
shine on me"

This is as formally bold as the mark II Roxy got, and - wow! - This is one strange single that takes you to another place, a different state of mind.

It's barely a song at all, but a device for changing the rules of pop music. Two different things happen concurrently - great blocks of sound come in unheeded and very loud and immediately disappear; angelic harps, crazy sax, and - most of all - what you might call a riff, if it wasn't just one note. And then behind that something nimble and bubbling, the interplay between guitars, is continually beguiling, stroking you.

I've not taken many drugs, but I can imagine that ones perception must be like this - the combination of the feeling of the trapped and the expansive, the thoughts both funky and the subtle, the revelatory but nebulous sensation of being close to love...

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