Monday, 11 April 2011

Dusty Springfield - I'll Try Anything (1967/ No. 13/ 9 weeks/ Philips)

Now, if you were only half listening to this one, you'd think that it was something pleasant and exceptionally well-arranged - especially the lovely bridge bit where the trumpet and the ooohing female backing vocals alternate. After all, songs about trying anything 'til I make you my man are a very common pop trope.

Listen closely, however, and a remarkably candid story is told here, not merely foolhardy but frankly dangerous. It's there right from the get-go;

You be-long
To somebody else and not to me
Right or - wrong
That's NOT the way that it's gonna be!

Straight into the chorus from here, and the crucial bit is delivered more quietly than the rest and on a descent, making it a confidence that the listener can easily miss;

I'll try any-thing to get you!
I'll do any-thing I can!
I'll try any-thing to get you!
(I'll cheat and I'll lie)
And I'll try 'til I die
'Til I make you my man!

(Did I just hear that right?) The second verse expounds upon how the singer has now vowed to play dirty;

I've been burned
Whenever I've followed - all the rules
So I've learned
That playing it fair is - just for fools
I'm fighting and win or lose
I'm not minding my P's and Q's

There isn't a third verse - You don't really need one after that, but we do get this in between the next to choruses;

I want you so much inside
I'm throwin' away all my conscience and pride.

There are quite a few songs about love making you giddy and reckless, which seduce you with the delirium and the headiness of the feeling nonetheless, but not many that make you so aware of the cost to one's dignity and integrity as this one.

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