Friday, 15 July 2011

Giraffes - Act Two, Scene Three.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(The first night. Simon sleeps. Kirsty walks across the room with extreme caution. She knocks ever so quietly on Anna’s door.)


(No reply.)


SIMON. Don’t.

(KIRSTY is startled.)

SIMON. Don’t worry. Just don’t.


KIRSTY. You can’t tell me, you know.

SIMON. I wouldn’t want to, I’m just advising.

KIRSTY. Why not, then?

SIMON. She needs her sleep.

KIRSTY. But we’ve always said that if either of us needs to talk –

SIMON. I’m sure.

KIRSTY. What’s that supposed to mean?

SIMON. Nothing.


SIMON. It’s just that you haven’t been there before when –

KIRSTY. – her husband’s been there, too.

SIMON. Well, that’s true, but it wasn’t what I was going to say.


KIRSTY. What were you going to say, then?

SIMON. That you’ve never been with her when she’s travelling before. Anna sleeps very heavily


SIMON. Honestly.

KIRSTY. I don’t doubt it.


KIRSTY. Do you mind though?


SIMON. I don’t want to mind. Sincerely. I’ll go outside whenever you want me to. I won’t get in the way or make comments. But I will mind if I’m…


KIRSTY. But I need to see her now.

SIMON. No. It’s not a good idea.

KIRSTY. How can you know?

SIMON. Well, we both know, don’t we? We both sleep alone half of the time.

KIRSTY. Not when she’s under the same roof.

SIMON. It’s alright. It’s better than that. We’re both sure that she’s with us. If only for this week.


SIMON. What we need most, is good, quality, sleep.

KIRSTY. I’m too worried for that. I need comforting.

SIMON. She’ll give it to you. I’m sure of it. Believe me. But what you need right now is sleep.
We’ve got some camomile tea. Here, sit down.

KIRSTY. What good can that do?

SIMON. It can’t do you any harm. Anna swears by it. Sit back, now. Rotate your shoulders around if you feel like it, you carry most tension there –

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