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Giraffes - Act Two, Scene Four.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(Morning. Simon still asleep on sofa. Anna and Kirsty are having breakfast.)

KIRSTY. He’s waking up.

SIMON. Hhhhh.

(Simon rises.)

SIMON. He’s woken up.

ANNA. Sleep well?

SIMON. Not very. A dream.

ANNA. The usual?

SIMON. Not quite.

ANNA. Simon dreams of school corridors and deserted playgrounds.

SIMON. I discovered a new station. The train that I was on sailed past home into a new station, one that I never knew existed before, not on the line, The station was very old, tiny, never knew it existed before. When I walked out I noticed that it was next to a red brick building with a brick gate that I seemed to remember from my childhood. Or did I? It’s funny the way that dreams do that. I can walk down streets that I haven’t been to since my childhood and I can’t fathom…

KIRSTY. You can’t fathom what?

SIMON. Whether they really existed or not.

ANNA. What does that tell you?

KIRSTY. That you want to be able to control your past?

SIMON. Doesn’t everyone?

KIRSTY. We made you breakfast.

SIMON. Thank you.

(He joins them.)

SIMON. What do you dream about, then?



KIRSTY. I’m very lucky. I can control my dreams.

SIMON. That must be useful.

KIRSTY. Everything’s very charming when I dream.

ANNA. What shall we do today?

KIRSTY. What would you like to do?

ANNA. What would you like to do?

SIMON. I’d like to do whatever it is that you want to do.

KIRSTY. We can do whatever we want.

SIMON. I’d like to get some shopping.

KIRSTY. We already did that.

SIMON. What about a swim?

ANNA. We went before breakfast. Sorry.

KIRSTY. You do know that it’s eleven o’clock?

SIMON. Is it? I’ll go myself then, before it gets too hot.

* * *

(Anna and Kirsty.)

KIRSTY. Will he be alright?

ANNA. Of course he will.


ANNA. Still scared?

KIRSTY. Yes. A bit less.

ANNA. That’s good.


KIRSTY. We’ve had our sleep, we’ve had a swim, we’ve had our breakfast, we’re on our own. We can do anything.


ANNA. There’s no need to be scared. I’m big enough. I have enough faith. Trust me.


ANNA. Just trust me.


ANNA. Do you trust me?


ANNA. That’s good.


ANNA. (Softly) C’mon.

KIRSTY. Yes. Let’s.

* * *

ANNA. Happy now?

KIRSTY. Happy? Yes!

(Anna smiles.)

ANNA. And calm?

KIRSTY. I’m overflowing.

ANNA. So am I.



KIRSTY. You don’t look like you are.

ANNA. Don’t I?



ANNA. What do I look like?

KIRSTY. You look as though you might be overflowing. But you might not be.


KIRSTY. I always hope that you’re feeling the same as me, but I’m never sure.

ANNA. I feel fantastic, Kirsty. It’s never been so good before.


ANNA. Yes.

KIRSTY. It’s the best that it’s ever been for me as well. The thing is…

ANNA. Yes?

KIRSTY. What do you do afterwards?

ANNA. More?

KIRSTY. But he’ll be coming back any moment.

ANNA. I can be very fast.

KIRSTY. But I don’t want it to be very fast.


KIRSTY. Not now, anyway.


KIRSTY. Well, no, very fast does sound like fun, actually.

ANNA. So why not?

(Enter Simon.)

KIRSTY. You couldn’t be that fast.


SIMON. Alright?


ANNA. Yes.

SIMON. Got any plans for this afternoon?


KIRSTY. What would you like to do?

SIMON. Nothing too demanding.


ANNA. Let’s go for a walk.

SIMON. I’ve just had one.


SIMON. It’s alright. I don’t mind if you go.

ANNA. Okay. Shall we?

KIRSTY. Yes. Sounds fine.


KIRSTY. What will you do?

SIMON. I don’t know. I didn’t take anything to read with me.

KIRSTY. Did you see the paper they gave me on the plane?

SIMON. No. Was there anything in it?

KIRSTY. Don’t know. I didn’t read it.

SIMON. I’ll have a look at it.

ANNA. I threw it away, actually.


ANNA. You could cook supper.

SIMON. Yes. That’s true.


ANNA. So you will then?

SIMON. Will I what?

ANNA. Cook supper?

SIMON. Of course I will.

ANNA. Great.


KIRSTY. Thank you.

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