Friday, 22 July 2011

Giraffes - Act Two, Scene Ten.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.



SIMON. So is that human's can't hear giraffes, or that they haven't got anything to say?

ANNA. Neither. They haven't got any vocal chords.

KIRSTY. Well, they don't need to speak, do they? Everybody can see them.

SIMON. I like giraffes.

ANNA. You are a giraffe. I like seals.

SIMON. You're not a seal.

ANNA. No. What do you like?

KIRSTY. People, some people anyway. Ur, deer perhaps. Deer and horses.


KIRSTY. So what do we do now?

SIMON. Drink this tonight, sleep, and go home tomorrow.

KIRSTY. Once we get home.

ANNA. Carry on.

KIRSTY. As before?

ANNA. Yes.

KIRSTY. But it won't be the same though, will it?

SIMON. We understand each other now.

KIRSTY. But that doesn't mean that things will be any better.


ANNA. You could live with us.

KIRSTY. In the same house?

ANNA. Yes.


KIRSTY. What do you think about this?

SIMON. If it's what Anna wants.

KIRSTY. Yes, but what do you want?

SIMON. Whatever Anna wants.


KIRSTY. Why do you want this?

ANNA. The thing about relationships -

KIRSTY. I don't like that dreary word.


SIMON. What word do you prefer?

KIRSTY. Something purer. Bond. Association. Either that or something daring and flirtatious. Affair. Liason.


ANNA. The thing about associations is that they automatically give your life so much more depth. And once you've gained that depth you can't loose it, you can't leave it. At least I can't.

KIRSTY. But is it useful, this... space?

ANNA. Yes.

KIRSTY. But I want to get stuff done.

ANNA. So do I.

KIRSTY. By myself.

ANNA. So do I.


ANNA. But there's a great wide ocean of people and I want to experience it.


SIMON. Put like that, that does sound rather... promiscuous.

KIRSTY. Promiscuous?

SIMON. Sorry.


ANNA. No. What do you mean?

SIMON. Only that the sea can be a filthy, polluted place, treacherous and dangerous.

ANNA. Alright then , maybe not the ocean. But I want to have my own lagoon. And it's a clean and warm and understanding place, and it's fathoms deep. And you are both a part of it, and I love the deep, soft, pure lagoon, and I love, love, both of you, my two friends.


SIMON. In a semi-detached house, five minutes away from the high street?

ANNA. Well, why not? It's living, isn't it?

SIMON. It is that.


KIRSTY. So you're saying that we should become a trio?

ANNA. Yes!

SIMON. A threesome?

ANNA. A trinity!

SIMON. } Right.
KIRSTY.} Right!



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