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Giraffes - Act Two, Scene Nine.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(Morning. Simon and Anna entwined asleep together on sofa. Enter Kirsty.)

SIMON. Oh hello.


KIRSTY. Morning.

SIMON. Wake up Anna. C'mon.

(He softly shakes her awake. Anna has a beautific expression on her face as she rouses, which then becomes confused.)

ANNA. Hello.


KIRSTY. Morning.

(Simon extricates himself and rises to his feet.)

SIMON. Did you get the things?


SIMON. Great. I'll start cooking.

(Exit Simon.)

KIRSTY. What was all that about?

ANNA. We fell asleep.

KIRSTY. I could see that.

ANNA. It wasn't anything more.

KIRSTY. So how did you get to be on top of each other?

ANNA. We were embracing.


ANNA. It was the first time that we'd talked together properly.

KIRSTY. Was it?

ANNA. Things are better because of it.

KIRSTY. Are they?

ANNA. Yes. They are.


KIRSTY. I don't feel any better.

ANNA. How do you feel?

KIRSTY. Worse. I don't know where I stand anymore.

ANNA. None of us do.

KIRSTY. I was unhappy, and now I'm bewildered. I'm going back to bed.

ANNA. No. Don't.


ANNA. Talk.

KIRSTY. Talking doesn't do anything, does it?

(Kirsty starts to depart and cathces her foot on something.)

KIRSTY. Owwwwh!

ANNA. What is it?

KIRSTY. Who left this glass on the floor?

ANNA. Let's have a look.

(Kirsty sits on the floor and proffers her foot to Anna.)

ANNA. That's nasty. Simon!

SIMON. (Off) Yes?

ANNA. Could you fetch the bandages, please?

KIRSTY. No it's alright.

ANNA. Don't be silly.

KIRSTY. Ooooh.

(Kirsty sits on the sofa. Anna kneels at foot.)

KIRSTY. How on earth did broken glass get on the floor anyway?

ANNA. You dropped a bottle last night.

KIRSTY. I did?

ANNA. You did.

KIRSTY. Oh. Thank god for that.


KIRSTY. No I just thought that I'd been sick.

ANNA. What made you think that?

KIRSTY. You said that Simon had to mop the floor.

ANNA. No don't worry about last night. You were fine.

KIRSTY. Oh good.

(Enter Simon.)

SIMON. Found the bandages. Sorry about that. I couldn't find a dustpan and brush last night. Excuse me.

(Exit Anna.)

SIMON. Now brace yourself because this is going to sting.

KIRSTY. Of course it is, I do know, you know. You're such a teacher!

SIMON. Sorry. How are you feeling?

KIRSTY. Confused.

SIMON. I think we all are.


KIRSTY. I want to go home.

SIMON. Me too.

KIRSTY. I don't know what things are going to be like once we get there, though.

SIMON. Nor do I.

KIRSTY. Can't you say anything more useful?

SIMON. No. Sorry.

KIRSTY. It's alright.

SIMON. Things will be different, I'm sure of that. I suppose that, probably, they might even not be much worse.

KIRSTY. I'm scared.

SIMON. So am I.


SIMON. This what things are like with Anna. I knew that I was never going to settle down to a life of mediocrity with her. You always feel... on your guard, I suppose.



KIRSTY. Where is she, anyway?

SIMON. I think that she went out for a swim. She was very tired earlier.

KIRSTY. What was she doing in your arms?

SIMON. Sleeping. There was nothing more to it than that.


KIRSTY. Are you happy with her?


KIRSTY. Not about all this, but generally?


SIMON. I always feel very involved with Anna. When I think that things are going well, then I'm extremely happy.

KIRSTY. But you never can tell.

SIMON. Not with Anna, no.


KIRSTY. Still, we wouldn't want her any other way, would we?



SIMON. I wonder what she'll say tonight.


SIMON. Come on. Let's make some gazpacho.


(They exit, Kirsty hobbling.)

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