Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lulu - The Boat That I Row (1967/ No. 6/ 11 weeks/ Columbia)

A Neil Diamond song, in the same mold as 'I'm A Believer' or 'Sweet Caroline', a terrific YES to life, love and happiness.

It's set out as a declaration of love song, but it’s a bit of an odd one, being an articulation of the singer's philosophies and approaches to life;

"I don't go around with the local crowd.
I don't dig what's in so I guess that I'm out."

It must be said that, interpreted by an older man, this approach might come across as rather self obsessed, but from a spirited 17 year-old girl it only seems right, and gives the impression of a level-headed young woman who you'd feel delighted to be with.

"There ain't a man alive who can tell me what to say.
I choose my own sign and I like it that way."

The arrangement is sixties beat boom exuberant, and follows a cheery Hammond organ line, with some ad-libbed yelps and roars from Lulu in the fade out.

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