Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Everly Brothers - When Will I Be Loved? (1960/ No. 4/ 16 weeks/ London)

IIIIIIIIII've been made blue!
IIIIIIIIIII've been lied to!

When will I be loved?

IIIIIIIIIII've been turned down!
IIIIIIIIIII've been pushed round!

When will I be loved?

It's only now that I've written those lyrics down that my instinctive playful reactions kick in - to reply "Oh dear! You don't have much luck, do you? I'd like to hear the other side of this story".

You don't think like that when they're singing it, though. This could be such a horribly maudlin song of self-pity if done only veryslightly differently. That it isn't is because of; the innate pathos of the two warring brothers in harmony, and this pathos being offset by the inconspicuous but very well-judged backing - sprightly but never jaunty.

It makes it quite stoical and grown-up feeling for such a quintessentially teenage sentiment.

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