Monday, 30 May 2011

Giraffes - Act Two, Scene One.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(Aeroplane. Three seats.)

ANNA. Go on. You have the window seat.

SIMON. Thank you.

(Simon sits down. Kirsty sits next to him in the centre seat.)

SIMON. Ur, could you sit in the other seat, please?

(Kirsty does so.)

SIMON. It’s nothing personal.


SIMON. Well, obviously it is, in a sense, but it’s nothing against you.

ANNA. I think that you’ve explained, Simon.

SIMON. Sorry.

KIRSTY. No no, it’s alright.

* * *

(Simon looks out of the window.)

SIMON. We must be over Brittany by now.

ANNA. Simon’s like a child. It doesn’t matter if we go on an aeroplane or to the restaurant; he has to sit next to the window.

SIMON. I like to watch.

(Simon becomes absorbed in the view. Kirsty whispers into Anna’s ear.)

KIRSTY. You seem calm.

ANNA. Yes. I feel calm, actually. Travel distances me. As soon as the engine starts to run, and whatever transport I’m on starts to move at a regular speed then I can feel my mind become tidy. It makes me optimistic. How about you?

KIRSTY. I feel awful. Wracked. I need a cigarette.

ANNA. You don’t smoke.

KIRSTY. Now would be an ideal time to start again.

(Anna hold’s Kirsty’s hand.)

KIRSTY. What about him?

ANNA. Oh he’s always calm.

KIRSTY. Really?

(Anna nods.)

KIRSTY. Always?

ANNA. Always still and quiet, anyway.

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