Saturday, 14 May 2011

Giraffes - Act One, Scene Thirteen.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start at the beginning - Giraffes - Act One, Scene One.


(Anna and Simon in bed.)

ANNA. Do you mind?

SIMON. Do I mind what?

ANNA. You know. Us not...

SIMON. You don't want to know.

ANNA. Of course I do.


SIMON. Yes. I do mind.

ANNA. So why don't you say so?

SIMON. Because I can't see what that would achieve.


ANNA. You're not very passionate are you?


SIMON. Can I tell you something.

ANNA. You don't have to ask to tell me.


SIMON. No it's -

ANNA. Go on.

(Simon composes himself.)

SIMON. All the time, these days, when I'm with you, I want to fall down, fall apart, at your feet. Saying "I love you, I love you, I do, I know that it's sincere, I've always known that I love you sincerely and for the right reasons. And you're glorious and transcendent and beautiful, in mind and body and spirit and my life would not be worth living without you, really, that's not me being glib, I really think that's true." And I want to grab hold of your ankles and weep onto your toes and stay there forever.

ANNA. So why don't you?

SIMON. Because I'd be embarrassing and you'd be embarrassed.

ANNA. No I wouldn't.

SIMON. You would be if you were leaving to go to work or Kirsty's. And I never want to be unreasonable to you.


ANNA. Simon.


ANNA. Have I hurt you?


ANNA. Are you still the same?

SIMON. It's three in the morning. Lack of sleep is heightening and distorting our feelings. Now, relax yourself, lie down flat, put your arms down, don't clench your hands like that. Let everything go limp. Good. Now, breathe deeply, evenly. Imagine all that breath being spread equally, smoothly, to every part of your body. Now, in your own time, close your eyes, don't force them shut, just let them go.


SIMON. Good. Now, don't say anything. Try not to think of anything. And in the morning when you wake up, you'll feel well disposed towards the world and you will have completely forgotten that, at dead of night, a few hours earlier, both you and your husband were feeling fraught and desperate.


SIMON. Sleep well.

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