Saturday, 19 March 2011

Enza - Scene Seven.

This isn't going to make much sense unless you start reading from the beginning - Enza - Scene One.


(The sanatorium gardens. Herbert is moving slowly, and with great exertion, on crutches towards the bench. It is the first time that he has been outdoors for some months. Winter sunlight. Mavis walks by his side, coaxing and guarding him.)


MAVIS. English sun, too, Mr. Inglis. English sun and the time and peace to enjoy it. When did you last have that?

HERBERT. Over two years… was it? Mr. Asquith was still our prime minister at the time, anyway.

MAVIS. That seems like a long time ago, now. You weren’t bothered about not voting in the election?

HERBERT. I don’t bother about things like that. Will you ever vote, do you think, Nurse?

MAVIS. You can call me Mave now that Matron can’t hear us, Herbert. I’ve got better things to worry about than the government. I suppose if they did ever give me a vote I suppose I’d use it once, just to see what its like. Nurse Taylor gets cross about votes for women sometimes. I don’t really listen to her.

HERBERT. Phyllis… You did say. You have seen her?

MAVIS. Haven’t seen her yet today. But it has been arranged, yes. She should be out in a minute and I ought to go back. How many more steps do you think that you can manage?

HERBERT. A hundred!

(He attempts to walk with a jaunty gaiety that he has not yet recovered sufficiently enough to achieve.)

MAVIS. Don’t be silly. Here, let’s sit you down Private Inglis. Is that satisfactory?

HERBERT. Perfectly.

MAVIS. Well, I ought to be getting back by now, if I want Matron not to bite my head off, but Nurse Taylor will be out in a minute or two, and she’ll take you back in after a while.

HERBERT. Thank you. Thank you for everything, Mave.

(Exit Mavis. Herbert waits in the sun.)


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